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Bully Cat

Be Your Own Boss

Nadia Sahari was born in Lebanon. Brought to America as a child, Nadia was caught between two cultures and paid dearly for trying to assimilate. Physical and mental abuses continued at the hand of her alcoholic husband until she finally said, “It’s over!” You will marvel at the strength of character revealed in BREAKAWAY as Nadia describes her road to freedom. Now author, actress, film maker and radio host, Ms. Sahari is an inspiration to many.
The Bully Cat, written by best-selling author Nadia Sahari, tells how one cat bullies other cats and what happens to the bully cat for being just plain mean. Two children, Maia and Raiden, discover ten stray cats in their yard. The children have fun naming the cats. They love animals but are alarmed when the bully cat comes. The bully cat eats all the food and fights with other cats. What to do? The family finds a creative solution. Children learn about bullying and what they need to do if they are being bullied. No secrets. Beautifully illustrated by artist Olga Rudnitsky and fun to read for all ages.
A guide to starting your own business. Based on her life experiences, Ms. Sahari gives practical advice on the basics of being your own boss. What is your dream? Do you need investors? What is your greatest resource. Whether your business is a storefront or an eBusiness Ms. Sahari gives ideas for start ups, a step by step guide, and links to many resources.

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