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Nadia Sahari was born in Beirut, Lebanon and is of Lebanese, Italian and French descent, she was raised in a Detroit suburb of Michigan. In College, she majored in Theatre Arts and her dream was always to be an actress. Nadia performed as a headliner belly dancer at dinner clubs and on TV and also directed and produced dance recitals for over 2000 students. She loves music and the arts. Later in life, She married a famous well-known rock star drummer who supported her endeavors. As an Entrepreneur, she opened four boutiques, produced and directed fashion shows, she modeled for businessmen and businesswomen’s luncheons almost every week, and at the same time raised two talented sons. Today, Nadia Sahari is a world-renowned author. Her memoir “Breakaway: The Road To Freedom,” hit the top 100 on Amazon.com and now in its second printing. “Breakaway,” the memoir is currently being adapted to a screenplay for the big screen. “The Bully Cat” a children’s book written by Ms. Sahari is a delightful and heart-warming true cat story against bullying and teaches children not to keep silent if they are being bullied. Nadia Sahari has been a guest on many talk shows including being a guest panelist on Oprah’s show. Nadia Sahari’s credits as an actress include Bandslam the movie Starring Lisa Kudrow, Corruption.Gov with Lee Majors, Michael Madsen and Francesco Quinn. She has also appeared in three episodes in the series, “Friday Night Lights,” with Connie Britton. She helped produce the independent films Smoke ‘n’ Love, The Contest, Lust’n’Love in which she starred in as a lead actress, and many others. She’s also appeared in many commercials, such as Verizon and infomercials. She created and produced her podcast and radio platforms, “The Nadia Sahari Show,” and “Let’s Happy Talk,” and both are currently playing all over the world.


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Each book is honest, truthful, and inspirational! For Inspiration and hope against abuse of many kinds, read BREAKAWAY. Need to help children understand bullying and to speak up to an adult and get help, that would be a fun read surrounded by a true story of one cat bully, read THE BULLY CAT to your children. During the bad times of finding work beginning in 2008, I was inspired to write BE YOUR OWN BOSS to help those who were out of work and to aid in helping them become Entrepreneurs

Nadia Sahari was born in Lebanon. Brought to America as a child, Nadia was caught between two cultures and paid dearly for trying to assimilate. Physical and mental abuses continued at the hand of her alcoholic husband until she finally said, “It’s over!” You will marvel at the strength of character revealed in BREAKAWAY as Nadia describes her road to freedom. Now author, actress, film maker and radio host, Ms. Sahari is an inspiration to many. $19.95

The Bully Cat, written by best-selling author Nadia Sahari, tells how one cat bullies other cats and what happens to the bully cat for being just plain mean. Two children, Maia and Raiden, discover ten stray cats in their yard. The children have fun naming the cats. They love animals but are alarmed when the bully cat comes. The bully cat eats all the food and fights with the other cats. What to do? The family finds a creative solution. Children ages 4-8 learn about bullying and what they need to do if they are being bullied. Beautifully illustrated by Olga Rudnitsky, and fun to read. ISBN 978-0-9820413-9-0, 32 pp. available from venusmoonpress.com Retail price: $19.95

I wrote this to help you with the basics of knowing what to do from beginning to end in starting your own business. It can be a storefront physically, or online. Online seems to be the biggest and the least expensive to start. Please write a review and tell others how this helped you. Good luck and may you find success in all you do. Kindle ebook $2.99

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Let's Happy Talk Podcast

Let's Happy Talk was created by Nadia Sahari because of all the bad news from media, the crime, the hate, and most of all, everyone seemed to be sad. She interviews individuals of all ages to share their stories of happy talk. It has brightened up the lives of many and is very popular with listeners all over the world.

The Nadia Sahari Show Podcast

The Nadia Sahari Show began podcasting many years ago. This show was created to inspire, motivate, and educate individuals all over the world to live their dreams. Real stories by real achievers from authors, celebrities, entrepreneurs, musicians, and more, telling their stories of the journey to success, how they did it, and how they maintain it. Not to give up on their dreams, no matter what happens in life. Anyone and everyone can achieve the desires of their hearts. God has a destiny and purpose for all of us. Passion, Perseverance, and Belief, leads to success. "It is by choice and not by chances that you change your circumstances."

FEARLESS HEART with Nadia Sahari

This show is for you, and all of us. This show is to help you in any toxic relationship you may be living in with a friend, spouse, partner, any relationship. Let go and let God. Follow the show, LIKE the platforms. Listen on Spotify, Google, Apple, YouTube…My website is www.thenadiasaharishow.com

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