The Nadia Sahari Show

Guests on THE NADIA SAHARI SHOW include celebrities, authors, filmmakers, actors, casting directors, musicians, and many more. Everyone has a story of encouragement, inspiration and, healing. We learn from each other, how to do things differently, how to make the right choices in our lives, to improve, to succeed, to love and forgive. Nadia Sahari’s first show date was on January 28, 2010, with Connie Curry and her true story of surviving breast cancer in her published memoir “GIVE ME BACK MY GLORY.”  Since then she has interviewed many interesting and fascinating guests from celebrities such as  Rick Mora, Annette Tucker, Bill Sorvino, support group founder, Dr. Cindy Williams who is CEO for an organization called “Women Are Dreamers Too” which educates victims of abuse. She interviews anyone who has a story of encouragement, hope, and inspiration to share with her audiences. A show to focus on   “If I can do it, you can too!”  To date, she has interviewed over 200 talented guests. The show is unscripted and live for thirty minutes or more. Shortly after the show the Mp3 is available on The Nadia Sahari Show page at, and included in the ITUNES STORE for download and listens on smartphones, or car radios, apps, on SPOTIFY, STITCHER, GOOGLE, YOUTUBE, and now on website, where there are also exciting video shows from Hollywood to view. You may email podcasts and share to anyone twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It can be used for publicity and web sites. It is fed by RSS to the world of the internet. Nadia Sahari is the Executive Producer and creator of the show.  Ms. Sahari loves people and loves learning about each individual and the journey they have taken to success. This show is for you, DON’T GIVE UP!  LOVE,  NADIA SAHARI

“It is by choice and not by chances that you change your circumstances. Live your dream, you are worthy. YOU are a superstar, remember who you are.”